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Grey color

Dimension: 60x60cm

Tile thickness: 2cm

Suitable for swimming pool: Yes

Frost resistant: Yes

Price: 39.5 € / m² including VAT instead of 55 € / m² including VAT



Perfectly suited for  garden paths, terraces ...

Implementation :  Pose  raised  on  plots,  straightforward  on gravel, lawn or sand,  stuck  on screed


Resists wear,  thermal shocks  as well as  breaking loads  and heavy loads. Ideal product for the interior and exterior of public spaces.


Is the installation of a tiled terrace on pedestal suitable for my land?

The main advantage of a  laying on pedestals  is to adapt to  any type of terrain  (even if your ground is uneven or on a slight slope for example):

  • On a waterproof floor (existing tiled terrace or concrete slab): you can use fixed pedestals or adjustable pedestals. These are perfect if you want to correct level faults, or raise your terrace to align it with window sills or a swimming pool basin, for example.
  • On draining soil (compressed, earth, grass, sand): provided you have a well stabilized and compacted soil, you can opt for installation on adjustable pedestals. Be sure to use  quality studs  with a very wide pedestal base (flange) for good support.

Whatever the nature of your floor, the idea is to avoid a glued installation with joints, which requires advanced expertise and a significant installation time. The installation on pedestals is less restrictive and is accessible to any good handyman of Sunday!  Nevertheless, it is essential to carefully follow the following steps for a successful tiling terrace installation.




€64.00 Regular Price
€55.00Sale Price

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